With many years of experience under out belts, a machine shop that includes an extensive range of equipment and highly skilled operators - we are ready to take on almost any machining job you can put in front of us.

We can:

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Do the little jobs

Steel Oven Tray wheels

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Do the complex and difficult jobs that others are reluctant to take on

Hydraulic Nut Spanner
Machining & Fabrication

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Come up with the solution to the problem, produce the drawings and the end product

Dozer Filter Housing
Can’t use plastic-we’ll make one in metal!

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Do the big jobs

Line boring a Jib Swing Arm
down to a precision bore

We will bend over backwards to rush that job through for you when you are in a spot – we understand the consequences of lost production time.

At the same time we maintain the highest standards, and with our ISO9001 certified systems all the checks are in place to make sure that your job comes out right.

If there is a mechanical, electrical or fabrication element to the job, we can call on the other workshops and expertise that make up our facilities, so that the whole job can be done in the one place. Without double handling, extra transport costs or wasted time. If our other workshops are undertaking electrical or mechanical equipment repair or overhaul, we usually assist to get repaired or replacement parts to fit exactly, or remake an item that is now unobtainable anywhere else.

For fabrication jobs we might apply the perfect weld prep or surface finish, whichever is required. Project Management In accordance with our ISO 9001 certified Management System, all jobs, whether large or small are allocated a dedicated Project Manager /Job Coordinator. This ensures that all requirements are understood up front and the job is allocated appropriate resources so that it comes in on-time, on-budget and to the specification.

Facilities & Equipment

1067m2 Machine Shop with multiple cranes Our equipment includes: CNC 4 Axis Lathes, CNC Machining Centres with 4 Axis capabilities, Twin Pallet CNC Machining Centres, CNC lathes with capabilities up to 500 mm diameter and 3 metres in length and manual milling and lathe capacity up to 1 metre in diameter and 5 metres in length. Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor is used to produce quality 2D orthographic and 3D parametric drawings so that we can easily design or modify existing drawings for the manufacture of machined parts

Integrated Services

  • Mechanical Fitting
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering & Design
  • Diesel RSF
  • Electrical RSF
  • Spare Parts & Service Exchange
  • On Site Service
  • 24/7 Support
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